Does Gracie Hunt Damage Capitalist Myths Worse Than SVB?!?

Sorry . . . But readers who believe in hard work and American meritocracy look a bit silly advocating those forgotten values whilst more people care about the latest fashions of a billionaire heiress.

Anybody who doesn't have a private jet defending Gracie makes about as much sense as taking stock advice from Jim Cramer. 

And so . . . Outrage over corporate diversity efforts is a fun & effective distraction from a venture capitalist bailout and nearly as worthwhile as checking Gracie's style that just might offer comfort amid the global economic turmoil that's underway.

Take a peek . . .

The former Miss Kansas USA’s bikini bottoms were similarly hot pink and sat high on her hips with tasseled beaded ties securing the style in place on either side.

Overtop it all, Hunt wore a sleeveless sheer crochet coverup minidress that allowed the style to shine through while adding an extra layer of interest.

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Kansas City Chiefs Owner's Daughter Gracie Hunt Enjoys the Sun in Colorful Bikini & Crochet Coverup

Gracie Hunt shared a slideshow of photos to her Instagram yesterday enjoying the sun, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt was bikini-clad for the occasion. The caption on the post poetically read, "In that soulful place where earth and sky meet."