Did Kansas AG Kobach Help Craft Current Era Of Mass Surveillance?!?!

Actually . . . The fingerprints of politicos across the Midwest are all over this one . . . HOWEVER, offering the plebs a discount on pizza will EASILY win access to most people's darkest secrets . . . Which typically aren't all that interesting.

Thing of it is . . . None of this really threatens truly skeptical people. 

In fact . . . The Illuminati watching TKC watch cartoons is kinda hilarious.

Still . . . This note is worth a quick read . . . Check the local connection in the premise . . .

"So while “special” registration and National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) seemed to be in line with the Patriot Act, their legal basis had been established 50 years earlier. The person at the DOJ to make this historical connection was Kris Kobach, who served as counsel to the attorney general. Kobach would go on to become Kansas secretary of state—and a member of Donald Trump’s transition team. Interagency cooperation at the border is Kobach’s issue. He sees immigration, and immigration enforcement, as being within the scope of states’ rights. NSEERS, which gave federal and local law enforcement access to the data of immigrants, was his first stab at this vision.

"From the campaign trail in 2015, presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to implement a Muslim database and was immediately compared to a Nazi, his vagueness on this point cast in absolute terms. So the maelstrom began. In 12 years, the Times wrote 32 articles about a real Muslim registry, and in one year, it churned out 84 articles about Trump’s maybe-kinda-sorta idea for one.

"Trump’s campaign promise of a Muslim database wasn’t as wildly “unprecedented” (to borrow a word overused at the time) as it seemed. Indeed according to Kobach, who surely helped Trump develop his idea for the Muslim database, Trump’s plan was simply to bring NSEERS and “special” registration back. This fact was completely lost on the media . . ."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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