Conservative Kansas Politicos Outnumbered On Inevitable Weed Legalization

An important glimpse at public opinion.

What's more . . . We appreciate the historical context and legislators realizing that this is pretty much the same argument that Americans endured in the days of alcohol prohibition.

Here's a bit of background on surveying amongst politicos . . .

“If you open up a new industry, which it would, you’re going to create new investments, new spending and new tax revenue, and I think we’re missing out on that severely in Kansas,” Kansas House Representative Jason Probst said.

He said from surveys obtained by state lawmakers, a majority of people want some form of marijuana passed, but it continues to die in legislation. He said he’s unsure when it could be passed in Kansas.

“I think it changes when more people get frustrated enough with their legislature. We know that polling shows that somewhere between 70-80% of Kansans want this. We know that there’s a big push for it but we have a small group of people who have the power in this building to stop it,” said Probst.

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What is the state of Kansas missing out on by not legalizing some form of marijuana? The question comes after voters in Oklahoma reject a state question to legalize recreational marijuana last week. The state's medical marijuana industry continues to bring in millions of dollars for the state.