Chastain Denies Destruction & Rants Against 'Butt Kisser' To Mayor Q

As always . . . In fairness . . . We share more discussion about the Kansas City mayoral contest and the latest retort from a longtime local transit activist . . . 

Chastain Denies Destruction & Rants Against 'Butt Kisser' To Mayor Q

Clay Chastain press release: Contrary to what you read on a popular blog, Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain was NOT "Destroyed" by conservative radio talker Pete Mundo. No one in this town can destroy Clay Chastain in the presence of Clay Chastain. Rather Pete Mundo, who tried to destroy Chastain in his absence, destroyed his own credibility by appearing as coddling, status quo butt kisser to Mayor Lucas and Kansas City's political establishment.

"Never listen to a man who runs down another man behind his back. Especially, when that man is trying to gain personal advantage by doing so. Instead of inviting me to come on his radio show to discuss my contention that the astoundingly stupid and biased local media in Kansas City is playing favorites in the Mayor's race, Mr. Mundo takes shot after shot at me on his radio show with my hands tied behind my back. Like (No Debate) Lucas, Mr. Mundo is also afraid to debate Clay Chastain live, face to face and man to man on his radio show. I'm waiting Mr. Mundo, for a debate invitation. Same to you...Lightfoot Lucas!"


You decide . . .