Chastain Chastizes KC Newsies As 'Wimped-Out P*ssies' Over Debate Disinterest

We mistakenly thought Mr. Chastain would keep his cool in what might be his last election bid. 

Sadly, we we're wrong and frustration seems to be getting the best of the longtime transit activist.

And so . . . 

Here's the press statement from Clay Chastain that contains fighting words and a focus on his own problems confronting city hall . . . Check-it . . .

"With less than 2-weeks before the election, where is the Star's reporting (as well as the rest of the local biased media) on the Mayor's race? Has the media totally abdicated it's responsibility to cover a race for the most important leadership position in the metro area? Does the media not understand it has a professional journalistic duty to provide this public service for the people? No wonder there is voter apathy. The Mayor isn't even running a campaign because he knows the Star and the local media are playing favorites, putting the people asleep and have his back against someone they dislike. The media can't even ask our popular Mayor why he refuses to debate, or why he had me arrested. Not to mention, cover each candidate's position on the issues . With the exception of Nick Haines, the media are acting like a bunch of wimped-out pussies who are coddling and being subservient to Mayor Lucas because he is Black. And, Lucas is taking full advantage of that sorry fact.

"As to you Hendrix, have you approached the Mayor yet, as you told me you were going to do, about why he won't debate me before the people of Kansas City? Or, why he had me arrested?  It looks like the Star wants the Mayor to be reelected. Oh yes Hendrix, did you see Week in Review last week where Eric Wesson parroted the Star's false headline that I can't vote for myself in the Mayor's race? Oh, and he went on to falsely imply that I only reside in Virginia.  Nice piece of work Star. You're getting better and better at practicing deceit. Maybe the least you can do is correct that false headline by observing me vote for myself on April 4th."

Clay Chastain


Developing . . .