AG Kobach Fights 'Radical Election Law' Decision Of Kansas Supreme Court

This Kansas voting legal battle didn't really get enough coverage on Friday.

The basics of a Kansas Supreme Court decision . . .

"They challenged provisions of a law passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature that limit how many advance mail ballots individuals can collect and require election officials to match the signatures on an advance ballot to a person’s voter registration record."

The Republican response . . . 

Kobach to appeal court's election decision

TOPEKA – (March 17, 2023) Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach said he will appeal today's Kansas Court of Appeals decision in an election law case.

"The decision by the three judges of the Kansas Court of Appeals is the most radical election law decision in the country.  It is clearly wrong, " Kobach said. "The decision is directly contrary to what the U.S. Supreme Court has said, as well as what every state supreme court has said on the matter. The decision is also illogical. Having election officials make sure that it is your signature on your advance ballot doesn’t hurt your right to vote.  It protects your vote from being stolen by someone else. This is especially true because the Kansas statute gives the voter a second chance to sign again when the signatures don’t match.”


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Kansas appeals court reinstates lawsuit over voting law

The Kansas Court of Appeals on Friday reinstated a lawsuit that challenged provisions of a voting law enacted in 2021 that opponents argue is unconstitutional and limits voting rights. The lawsuit was filed in 2021 by Loud Light, the League of Women Voters of Kansas, the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center and the Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice.