After Victory Against Bike Lanes Kansas City Cyclist Activists Troll Small Biz

Taking a stand on any issue in Kansas City is tough and not without consequences. 

Remember that a body shop and several other small biz people voiced their outcry against bike lanes on Truman Road and eventually after pleading with council & city hall . . . The poorly designed obstructions were removed on one side of the road. 

Now, the main leader of this opposition is getting GOOGLE NEGATIVE REVIEW BOMBED by activists still holding a grudge. 

The basics . . .

Atomic Collision has confronted waves of unfair criticism and worse . . . Amid angry review threads there are claims that political opponents are making unwanted home visits.

The Internets remains a weird place and, sadly, this kind of trolling confronts anyone who engages in any manner of discourse. 

However . . .

Objectively . . . 

We think this kind of bullying is a disservice against advocates of public transit & accessibility. MOST Kansas City cyclists & activists DO NOT condone harassing a small biz owner or even clowning him on the Internets. 

Sadly, there's a small clique of "transit friendly" politicos who have hijacked a social media outlet who seem to condone the behavior and even encourage it.

In the meantime . . .

Search engines are working to fight review bombs and we merely wanted to highlight this nasty aspect of the discourse from locals who are ALLEGEDLY proud of their "progressive" values. 

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Google Maps explains how it tackles review bombing | Engadget

SOPA Images via Getty Images Review bombing is a practice in which many people (or a few aggrieved folks with multiple accounts) barrage a product, business or service with negative reviews, usually in bad faith. That can severely damage a small or local business that relies on word of mouth.