Admire New KCI Art Whilst Waiting In Traffic That Stretches Toward Highway

The new design has FAILED and the $2-BILLION dollar project have given us a facility that's nowhere near as convenient as the one it replaced. 

On the bright side . . . 

Cash that should have been dedicated to design was wasted on horrible art . . . Take a peek . . .

While the total cost of revamping KCI came in at $1.5 billion, the $5.65 million slated for public art was based on the vertical construction cost, which amounted to $565 million. It is by far the largest One Percent for Art project in Kansas City history, increasing the number of public art works funded by the program from 54 to 82.

The city charter envisions the One Percent for Art program as a “catalyst for artistic growth and aesthetic excellence in our communities.” James Martin, the city’s public art administrator, said the program’s impact extends beyond those aspirations.  

“When the big sports networks show up for a big game and they want to show symbols of the city, one of the things they show often is the Sky Station sculptures,” Martin said. “That has become a symbol of the city in many ways, and that is part of the One Percent for Art program. With the art now open to the public at the new KCI single terminal, we might very well find a new icon for the city.”

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Balancing KC's Needs for Public Art

When Kansas City International Airport's new terminal and garage opened Feb. 28, crowds of visitors and residents caught their first look at $5.65 million worth of new public art. The paintings, ceramics and other artworks, created by 28 different artists, were funded by the city's One Percent for Art program created in 1986.