2 MILLION Bucks Could Help EPIC Upcoming Johnson County Homeless Shelter

Desperation in the suburbs is for realz and with growing population, comes greater responsibility.

Here's a peek at more homeless resources and services for the Golden Ghetto beyond transporting unlucky souls to other parts of the metro like they've done for the past 50 years.

 Check-it . . .

"Johnson County currently uses RSI Crisis in Wyandotte County — or jail or hospitals — to send anyone who needs a temporary place to stay while dealing with a mental health crisis . . . The state aging department is willing to help Johnson County find a location for such a facility and added that there is the opportunity to use state general funds for such a project."

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State opens door to help JoCo address homelessness

The state of Kansas says it is willing to offer support, including potentially upwards of $2 million in funding, to help Johnson County tackle issues of homelessness, affordable housing and mental health.