Walgreens Submits To Kansas AG Kobach's Abortion Pill Flex

A big pharma stipulation that offers a quick, easy and resounding win for the new top law dude in Kansas.

Here's the postscript for those who haven't seen it already . . .

Walgreens announced that they would not be sending abortion pills to Kansas but that quote “if this approach changes, we will be sure to notify you.”

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Walgreens says it won't send abortion pills to Kansas after letter from Kobach

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) - Walgreens pharmacy says they won't be sending abortion pills to Kansas because of a letter sent to them from the Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach. "The law is the law," says Kobach. That's the reason Kobach says he sent a letter to Walgreens warning that sending abortion pills to Kansas would be a violation.