Urban Christian Academy Shuts Down & Blames LGBT Support For Demise

It's a fun story but here's a bit of a fact check . . .

Smallish private schools like this ALWAYS EVENTUALLY CLOSE and the blame is typically sketchy economics and not whatever crazy agenda they teach students.

Still . .. . The premise provides good enough bait for reactionaries.

"Urban Christian Academy at 2810 East 80th St. in Kansas City, is closing at the end of this school year. The school has lost donations since it announced it supports the LGBTQ community."

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KC Christian school lost donations after supporting LGBTQ rights. Now it's closing

In its nine years of existence, Urban Christian Academy steadily grew, adding a new grade each year in a neglected southeast Kansas City neighborhood. The school has provided its students, kindergarten through eighth grade, with a tuition-free private education. And with its "inclusive theology," it always supported LGBTQ students and staff.