Union Demands Confront Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium

Again . . . Most of this is just theoretical until any real deets are shared.

In the meantime, here's a peek at the ransom featuring a few familiar players who are mostly known for unsuccessful fast food protests . . .

Terrence Wise, a leader with Stand Up KC, said the organization has a great opportunity to change lives with the project’s potential revenue.

The group is looking for the Royals to agree to five stipulations in what’s called a community benefit agreement. Those stipulations include:

1. At least 50% of employees hired must come from underserved neighborhoods in Kansas City
2. There will be no interference with any union efforts or negotiations
3. A wage floor would be established that represents a living wage
4. All current stadium workers to keep their jobs
5. The agreement would address affordable housing options should anyone be displaced

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Worker rights group issues list of demands for Royals stadium construction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -Stand Up KC, a local workers rights group, is releasing a list of demands they want to see if the new Royals' stadium complex moves forward. The demands come ahead of Tuesday's public hearing hosted by the Royals.