Truman Road Bike Lane Removal Update

Kansas City continues the struggle against "bike supremacy" that sought to impose draconian road rules without asking residents. 

Right now, here's glimpse at ongoing neighborhood discussions wherein small biz seems to have successfully pushed back against amateur urban planners: 

"An ordinance to remove the bike lanes on the north side of Truman Road was introduced in last week’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee by Third District Councilmembers Melissa Robinson and Brandon Ellington, who have faced pressure from longtime business owners. The initial ordinance proposed removing the bike lakes, which have been installed on either side of the street, altogether . . .The ordinance is held in committee until February 15."

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Truman Road bike lane removal effort at City Hall

Abby HooverManaging Editor Truman Road's recently installed bike lanes may be going away after complaints from business owners along the corridor.