Trapping Cancelled Over Cruelty Complaints But Coyote Crisis Persists In Mission Hills

Just a bit of context into upscale wild times involving our favorite luxury enclave . . . 

Puppies owned by Karen were captured by traps targeting coyotes. Sadly, the pooches endured horrific injury and the lady dropped $20K in a fight for their survival. 

And then . . . Of course . . . Her hardship earned citywide news coverage in one of the most popular local stories this month.

In the aftermath of her grief . . . Of course everybody had to change up their routine.

Here is the latest statement from Mission Hills amid followup questions . . .

The city told us: “At this time, there are no current plans for trapping and the City Council asked the Crime Prevention and Safety Committee to re-review the coyote issue as well as the unfortunate trapping incident and examine potential options for moving forward.”

But, not everyone is pleased with that decision.

Since our first report, we’ve heard from a Mission Hills resident who had a pet die from a coyote attack. He wants something to be done about the coyote problem.

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Mission Hills suspends coyote trapping program after dogs are injured

MISSION HILLS, Kan. (KCTV) - The city of Mission Hills is reviewing its next steps following an incident in Peetwood Park that left two dogs injured. A local resident contacted our investigative unit last week after her dogs, Fred and Oreo, were hurt.