Tow Job: Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Proves Downtown Parking Still Problematic

A FACT that deserves to be considered amid so many locals whining about "road diets" and removing space for cars . . . There really is a dearth of easy to use parking inside the loop for so few places that people actually want to visit. 

Meanwhile, today might've been the Super Bowl for local tow truck drivers. 

Take a peek on how to get cars back . . .

"It will be up to the owner to pay the tow bill. If your vehicle is towed, call (816) 513-0688 to find out its location."

Read more via link . . .

How to find a towed car after Chiefs Championship Parade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chiefs fans turned downtown into a sea of red to be a part of the Championship Parade Wednesday afternoon. Thousands of fans took advantage of park-and-ride options set up for fans around town. But other fans decided to try their luck and headed downtown on their own.