TKC Reader: KSHB News Only Posts Mugshots Of White Dude Suspects?!?

With respect to Don Draper and his work in old school white guy media work . . . Here's a concern about criminal suspect equity from the other end . . .

Mugshots & Media Bias KSHB

Something has been very apparent over the last few years but particularly this week.  That something is some very visible bias when it comes to KSHBs “Mugshot Policy” which was made in the fall of 2020. The policy was instituted to reduce media bias when it comes to showing booking photos of individuals charged with felony crimes.  KSHB states then and on their website that the photos disproportionately targeted minorities.   Since then they have rarely shown any mugshots of murder or shooting suspects, and only shared pictures of suspects from Amber Alerts as expected.  

This last week or two nearly a half dozen minority males (African Americans and Hispanic/Latino) have been charged or convicted locally regarding murders.   Every other local network has show their photographs except KSHB.   Then comes the tragic accident which claimed the life of a citizen, a KCPD officer and K9.  Once charged, KSHB was quick to blast his photo all over their website and social media showing him to be a younger white male.  

Their mugshot policy is posted on their website and doesn’t seem to explain this apparent bias.   In the interest of justice, fairness, and transparency they need to explain this issue and why their “discretionary” actions are being used instead of adhering to their policy which they promoted. 


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KSHB 41 News to significantly curtail use of police mugshots

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Innocent until proven guilty is a bedrock of the U.S. legal system. It also is becoming the bedrock of our policy in using police mugshots in news coverage. With a few exceptions, KSHB 41 News is committed to reducing - and, in some cases, eliminating - the practice of using police-provided booking photos for criminal subjects.