TKC Playlist: NEWSFLASH!!! Long Lines Expected At New KCI


Many locals might have already forgotten but in the lead up to a rigged airport vote . . . A bevy of social media bots & influencers (same difference) lamented the long lines at the old airport. 

They promised a world-class new facility with groundbreaking amenities, technology and convenience. 

1.5 BILLION BUCKS later . . . It looks like we're getting an airport that looks EXACTLY like most of the other smallish Midwestern airline facilities wherein the biz class are stacked on top of one another in a battle royale for middle-management survival.  

But here's the punchline . . .


The problem with lines was obvious during testing and the impending crisis will be clear at open.

Here's what we know for sure . . .

The PR answer to longer waits and inconvenience will be a phony half-smile followed by sketchy claims that the new airport is SO POPULAR that rubes are just lining up to experience the new Cinnabon.


So what did we get for all of that money???

A smaller airport made of glass and a very big parking lot. 

Unfortunately . . . None of this is mentioned in the constant stream of hype leading up to the anticlimactic grand opening. 

Take a peek . . .

After nearly a decade of debate, discussion and dedication, new single terminal to open at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Kansas City International Airport opened in 1972, the way we travel today was unimaginable. Soon after, security requirements changed and would continue to evolve greatly beyond the September 11 attacks. As time kept going, so did the deterioration of the current terminals.

278: The history of the Kansas City airport's land

On this week's episode of the Northeast Newscast, Publisher Michael Bushnell is joined in the studio by members of the Kansas City Museum's Kansas City Airport Sacred Lands History Committee.

New KCI Airport terminal: What Kansas City travelers need to know

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After years of anticipation, Kansas City International Airport's new $1.5 billion terminal is set to open this week. After voting on the issue in 2017, the city broke ground on the terminal project in March 2019 and stayed on schedule and on budget.

Attention passengers: Prepare to fill your carry ons with local goods when KC's new terminal opens

KCI's new terminal is set to open Tuesday, Feb. 28. Airport officials have reported that about 80 percent of the new terminal's vendors are local - with a Made in KC Marketplace, located in A Node, among the most prominent retail locations to find local products.

New KCI terminal houses largest public art project in KC history

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The new Kansas City International Airport terminal features the largest public art project in the history of the city, and the majority of it was created by Kansas City-area artists or those with personal connections to the region, according to KCI .

And all of this upcoming disappointment inspires our TKC playlist for tonight on the topic of lines, waiting and travel.

A country music classic is an obvious but perfect choice to start tonight's list . . .

Forgive our weakness for classic rock and outdated hairstyles. From an underrated band, here's a song that begs for truth . . .

We break it down for just a second with one of our favorite old school tunes which offers a thoughtful bit of advice about taking a lady for granted.

Here's a song that's a bit more recent but still seems like a distant memory before the #MeToo movement removed all the fun from this type of musical romp . . . In fact, we're only sharing the "official" version to keep this post from getting pushed down in search rankings.

Finally . . . The definitive tune on queuing up from a band that started out as session musicians but then achieved greatness in their own right along with historic collaborations with Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.