TKC Fact Check: Johnson County Checkpoints For Kansas City Legalized Weed???

Social media gossip and many suburbanites fearing their stash might be subject to police search given the differing legal codes in Missouri Vs. Kansas.

According this this quote . . .

Cracking down on users of KCMO legal weed thanks to new Missouri law isn't a top concern.

Nevertheless, TKC advises everyone to OBEY THE LAW and realize that people say a lot of things that often don't hold up in court.

Check-it . . .

A police spokesman said patrolling their portion of I-435 as drivers head west from Missouri into Leawood and then Overland Park hasn’t been a priority yet.

“We have to have probable cause,” Lacy said. “In other words, they have to be speeding. They have to make an illegal lane change, things of that sort.”

Lacy said their department has more important crimes to try to solve.

“We’re here to catch murderers, robbers and rapists, things of that sort. Those are really the priority for us,” he continued.

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Have Kansas police seen more marijuana arrests since Missouri legalization?

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park Police Department says they've seen no increase in tickets or arrests since recreational marijuana became legal across the state line. "It's still early," spokesman John Lacy told FOX4 Wednesday.