Social Justice For Kansas City Drivers

ACTUALLY, for folks who might have earned a new job or are trying to make a fresh start . . . This is one of the most useful charities that we've seen develop as of late . . .

For a multitude of reasons, the Kansas City Community Bail Fund (KCCBF) estimates that thousands of people in the area are driving with a suspended license, without insurance or with no license at all. If caught driving without a license by police, these drivers can accumulate fines and court fees that quickly snowball out of control.

The bail fund, which was created in May 2019 to help marginalized citizens post bond and navigate the legal system, wants to interrupt that cycle.

On March 1 it will launch Project GreenLight for low-income drivers in trouble. It will assist “those most in need” with paying off fines and getting their licenses reinstated.

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Driving while poor: Project GreenLight wants to help drivers reinstate their licenses

In a city like Kansas City, car ownership is rarely a choice.