Show-Me Today's Rally Against Alleged Republican Racism Ignored By Everyone

Here's what we think might have been a mix-up in communication . . . 

People asking for the rally postponement were correct . . . And might have been trying to do organizers a favor.

This event might've made national news on any other day . . . But was lost in the mix amid today's Midwest football celebration. 

Here's the word .  . .

Three Black lawmakers, Reps. Rasheen Alridge, LaKeySha Bosley and Raychel Proudie, were stationed at microphones ready to speak on the bill as Republicans voted to end the debate, not giving the St. Louis representatives the opportunity to speak.

Now, leaders of the Black Caucus are fighting against the "silencing tactics" from who they call the "predominantly white GOP supermajority."

In a press release Wednesday, Terry said the Black Caucus received calls asking them to postpone the rally due to the Chiefs' Super Bowl celebrations scheduled for the same date and time in Kansas City. She said they ignored the requests and pledged to move forward with the demonstration.

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