Show-Me Super Minority Once Again Without Leader That Nobody Liked

We joke with our friends in the Missouri Democratic Party given their Sisyphean struggle to win over the Midwestern populace by way of trans activism and gun control rather than fair wages, health care and maybe fixing all the BUSTED-ROADS in this state that impact EVERYONE.

Here's the postscript on a political shift . . . And a bit of behind the scenes detail . . .

"In the run-up to the December vote, accusations flew on Twitter and other platforms that Butler was disrespectful to rural leaders, that he played favorites in primaries and didn’t do enough to help individual candidates get elected."

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Missouri Democratic Party chair resigns, cites business demands after surviving difficult re-election fight

A little over two months after surviving a challenge to his leadership, Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Michael Butler is resigning. In an email to members of the Democratic State Committee on Thursday, Butler said he will step down effective Feb. 28 to devote more time to his business.