Show-Me Special Prosecutor Power Move Amid Rising Kansas City Crime

Controversial legislation moving forward by way of the Missouri GOP Super-Majority now mentions Kansas City.

Of course, this morning the newspaper is highlighting criticism against this power move . . . And subsequently discounting historic homicide numbers this town has suffered . . .

Kansas City would be harder to target because the bill states that the governor’s appointment is to a circuit or prosecuting attorney’s jurisdiction, not to specific cities. Kansas City spans into four different counties, unlike the City of St. Louis, which is in its own jurisdiction. Therefore, the governor would be unable to assign a special prosecutor to the entire city unless each of the four counties were assigned their own special prosecutors . . .

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said if the bill is passed, it would be a step backward for the city, and it would be unwise and unfair.

“It has everything to do with control of largely Black political figures. It has everything to do with political disagreements, it has nothing to do with public safety,” Lucas said.

He said he believes the Missouri Republicans did not introduce the legislation with the intention of curbing crime, but to make a political point and target St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a progressive Democrat who is Black.

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