Show-Me Marijuana Legalization Aftermath: Kansas City Weed Concerts Coming Soon 4/20

Following approval from voters, we celebrate a cheeky grand opening with a a clever date . . . Here are more deets on the rules of the game:

State law prevents alcohol and marijuana to be used in the same place, so BHG will take the proper steps to abide by state law.

"You can free flow back and forth, freely, you just can't drink in the designated cannabis consumption areas, and vice versa with the alcohol . . ."

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Smokey River Entertainment District's first concert set for April 20

RIVER BEND, Mo. - The Smokey River Entertainment District in River Bend, Missouri will have the first of three concerts in 2023 on April 20, the date famously linked to cannabis consumption. Additional concerts are planned for the week of July 4 and September.