Show-Me GOP Crusade Against Drag Shows Gaining Momentum

In the end this political move won't accomplish much but it's way easier to distract suckers with social media hateration than work to make sure MoDOT cleans up trash along the highway, fixes potholes OR maintains so much crumbling infrastructure . . . 

"Drag performers are not a regular presence at school events, despite GOP uproar. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, reportedly petitioned the state school board association for help this week after middle school students attended an event that featured a drag performance."

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Drag show bans are getting the fast-track in GOP statehouses

"We're not trying to be anti-anybody, anti-trans, anti-anything, we're just trying to protect our kids," said Bentley, who acknowledged at the hearing that schools expressed concerns that student performances might be targeted if costumes had exaggerated anatomical features or had certain types of singing and dancing. "We're not trying to stop plays.