Show-Me Fact Check: Did Missouri Doctor Diagnose Trans Classroom?!?

Not quite . . .

The phrase that angered some conservatories . . . She advised to "affirm" the students which is PC chatter that, of course, evoked culture war ire.

Then again . . . We are talking about mental health issues for students sooooo . . . The compassionate response isn't so out of the way.

Strangely, the Daily Mail has better reporting than most of the rumors on social media . . .

The doctor then suggested that all of the girls were genuinely transgender, and that it simply took their friend to realize it for them to as well.

The other end of the spectrum is that this is normal in that when one person realizes who they are and shares it, others realize they are similar.

'I believe there is a middle ground where we allow for some nuance. For younger folks and some adults too, it is easy to latch on to a new concept or idea and make it yours.'

The doctor then compared it to 'fad diets, workout types and marketing plans and even ADHD,' and appeared to admit that it was not always genuine.

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St Louis gender clinic told teachers to 'affirm' fifth graders

The teacher contacted staff in October 2021 with concerns about a group They said multiple children came out as trans after a classmate did The clinic is under investigation after a bombshell whistleblower report Doctors from the St.