Show-Me Even More Hype For Ivy League Pentagon Pro-War Progressive

Another round of tribute on this contender attempting to win hearts and minds by adopting the fashions of the natives in various photo ops.

His flannel look signals an alignment with so many Missouri residents who only one sports jacket and two ties. 

Remember that most voters picked a beer lady heiress instead of this dude so it's hard to get excited about his chances.

Credit to this scribe for feigning enthusiasm . . .

Just months ago, Missouri Democrats lost their 2022 Senate bid by double digits. But in the 2024 cycle, Kunce argues, things could play out differently.

He says it comes down to him—and the other guy, too.

“The difference is Josh Hawley and me, right? Like, the contrast I bring to him is so stark and so powerful, that it's something people will like,” Kunce said.

Quick question . . . 

Like him or not, Sen. Hawley is VERY CLEAR about his opposition to rampant spending in Ukraine. Meanwhile, this hype report doesn't really ask the most important question facing every U.S. Senator from now until kingdom come . . . 

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Meet the Democrat Who Thinks He Can Take Down Josh Hawley

Missouri is, decidedly, a red state. It's been years since the Show-Me state elected a Democrat statewide. And when Sen. Josh Hawley (R) is up for re-election in 2024, likely boosted by the headwinds of a presidential cycle, most would figure he'll be in fine shape.