Show-Me ACLU Book Ban Lawsuit

In general . . . We oppose book bans with as much rigor as we support fashion icon Jordan promoting reading material. 

Given that paper cuts rarely prove deadly . . . Censoring ideas is a weak position and there hasn't EVER been a book published that is stronger than the influence of loving and thoughtful parents.

And so . . . Here's a legal move that overestimates the desire of the NEXTGEN to read . . . Check-it:

"A new Missouri law made it a crime to provide minors with sexually explicit visual material, leading librarians across the state to remove anything from their collections that they thought could be considered criminal."

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ACLU sues Missouri over book ban law that pushed school libraries to remove hundreds of titles

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri is challenging a new state law that bans sexually explicit material from schools and has resulted in districts pulling hundreds of books from their shelves. The suit, filed on behalf of the Missouri Association of School Librarians and the Missouri Library Association, asks the circuit court in Kansas City to find the law unconstitutional.