Should Teacher Pay Spike To $60K?!?

Paying a decent wage for people who educate youngsters isn't a bad idea.

However . . . 

We question if more cash will produce better outcomes and test scores.

Here's a glimpse at the start of a move as more instructors opt out of the game for higher paying gigs on OnlyFans and other places throughout the Internets . . .

Minimum teacher pay in Missouri is $25,000 a year under state statute. For this school year only Missouri raised its minimum wage to $38,000. That took $250 million to fund 70% of those increases.

The American Teacher Act, supported locally by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, would raise starting teacher pay to $60,000 a year. It calls for federal grants to support states and local school districts raising their pay.

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Missouri ranks last in teacher pay, bill would raise starting salary to $60,000

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri ranks last in the nation paying starting teaching salaries an annual average salary of roughly $33,000 according to the National Education Association. A bill filed in the U.S. House of Representatives would raise minimum teacher starting pay to $60,000 a year.