Save KCI Shares EPIC Blog Retrospective

If you read one thing about the new airport and that last moments of old KCI . . . THIS BLOG POST we're linking tonight should be it because it provides more background on the process than any recent news article dares to provide . . . This is really citizen journalism at it's finest . . . Take a peek:

"April 2013. Ten years ago. This blog was born in response to an article in the Kansas City Star. In it, the now-former Director of Aviation was allowed to present without challenge, a list of reasons why this city needed a new terminal. In a momentary and ill-advised fit of frustration, I decided to take it upon myself to do the Star’s job. Over time, most of his initial reasons were systematically debunked and it became clear that the main drivers of this project were those who stood to make a lot of money from a billion-dollar terminal project, bureaucrats, and civic leaders with large egos. The airlines (Southwest in particular), the FAA, TSA, and arguably a majority of local users were happy with the existing three terminals.

"In the ensuing months and years, we watched the machine go to work . . ."

Read more via link . . .

A Trophy Terminal Worthy of The City of Champions

This final post is a celebration, a salute, a thank you, and a farewell. In a couple of days, we'll open the gates to a new terminal at KCI. It's another moment of pride for a city that has had many such moments recently.