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Baller Economy Benefits Cowtown

Kansas City retailers boom with business as Chiefs fans shop Super Bowl looks

The Kansas City Chiefs are making their third Super Bowl appearance in four years and the success of the team is driving up demand for Chiefs-inspired looks. "Anything that says Chiefs, even hats, or if it's red, it is just flying out the doors," said Hannah Greer, store manager at Junque Drawer Boutique .

Urban Renaissance Redux

Coming soon: Pendleton Heights investors build infill housing

Abby HooverManaging Editor In Pendleton Heights, market rate single family homes are going up in a historic district. Caleb and Adam Whitmer have been investing in Pendleton Heights since around 2006, renovating single family homes and duplexes. Now, they're working on their first infill housing project through PH Homes LLC, building three new homes on Olive Street and one on Park Avenue.

School Daze . . . 

Can Jackson County legislators serve on the school board? Judge gives ruling Tuesday

A judge ruled Tuesday that Jackson County legislators cannot simultaneously serve as elected members of local school boards. Not only is that in violation of the county charter, it would set up a conflict of interest that would not be in the best interest of taxpayers, according to the decision.

Distress In The Dotte Cont'd

Pastor: More help needed at KCK apartment complex with bedbug issues

A pastor is pleading for help for people inside the Victory Hills Apartments near College and Parallel Parkways.

Rebuilding Local Overlook

Copaken Brooks' Cambridge Crest site could support 41-acre mixed-use - Kansas City Business Journal

Of the handful of land sites Copaken Brooks has on the market in and around downtown Kansas City, its largest may prove the most versatile in its eventual redevelopment. The commercial real estate firm has continued to seek buyers for Cambridge Crest, a 41.33-acre property located off Interstate 35's Cambridge Circle interchange, just east of the Missouri-Kansas line.

Rising Star Hottie Talks Merch

Madelyn Cline Shares the Secrets to Her Signature Pout - from Her Favorite Products to Her Genetics

Madelyn Cline and her lips have a lot of people talking. That's why, in a new cover story for Cosmopolitan's The Money issue, the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star shared how she perfects her pouty lip look with a surprisingly simple routine. "I love a lip scrub.

Did Alt-Right Rage Backfire???

After Shouts of 'Liar' and Worse, Biden Takes on His Detractors in Real Time

His State of the Union address was not exactly a celebration of a unity agenda. But the president seemed to relish the scrimmage. Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share.

Dems Celebrate Temper Tantrums

Republicans turn themselves into props for Biden

The gift paid dividends at both the stylistic and substantive levels. In terms of pure theater, the jeers helped Biden come alive. At the beginning of the address, Biden ambled through the House gallery, an 80-year-old president who didn't look a day over 80, nor a day under.

SOTU According To Fox News

Biden's state of the Union address: Top 5 moments

President Biden gave his second State of the Union address that acted as a soft launch for his 2024 presidential bid Tuesday night, earning cheers from Democrats for his calls to ban "assault weapons" and codify Roe v. Wade and jeers from Republicans on the border and Social Security.

Veep All In

Kamala Harris: If President Biden Runs In 2024 'I'll Be Running With Him'

Vice President Kamala Harris made her intentions crystal clear Wednesday morning, saying in a live television interview that if President Biden runs for re-election in 2024, she fully expects to be on the ticket. "He intends to run, and if he does, I'll be running with him," she said.

Everybody Likes The Prez???

SOTU POLL: Whopping 72 Percent Approved of Biden Speech - Including 43% of Republicans

A whopping 72 percent of viewers approved of President Joe Biden 's State of the Union speech - including 43 percent of Republicans who watched. Biden delivered his first State of the Union address under the new GOP House majority Tuesday night, and a raucous majority it turned out to be.

USA Desperately Seeking Strongman

Large Numbers of Americans Want a Strong, Rough, Anti-democratic Leader

It might be comforting to think that American democracy has made it past the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. But our research shows that a wide range of the American people, of all political stripes, seek leaders who are fundamentally anti-democratic. It's true that many who participated in the insurrection are facing consequences, including prison time.

Banner Smackdown Awaits

Kevin Seefried, man who carried Confederate flag through Capitol on Jan. 6, set to be sentenced Thursday

Washington - The pro-Trump rioter who marched through the halls of Congress while wielding a Confederate flag on Jan. 6, 2021, will face a federal judge to learn his sentence on Thursday, more than two years after photos of him became some of the most widely recognized images of the attack on the Capitol.

GOP Hypes Twitter Files

House Republicans set to grill Twitter executives about Hunter Biden and the abandoned laptop

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Republicans are expected to question former Twitter executives about the platform's handling of reporting on Hunter Biden, the president's son, fulfilling a party promise to investigate what they have long asserted is anti-conservative bias at social-media companies.

Vlad Marches Forward

Ukraine war: Borrowed time for Bakhmut as Russians close in

The soil of Bakhmut is dusted with snow and soaked with blood. This small city in Eastern Ukraine is at the centre of an epic battle. For more than six months Russian forces have tried to claim it. Ukrainian troops have resisted, giving rise to the popular slogan here "Bakhmut holds."

Rocketman Did Homework

Kim Jong Un celebrated North Korea's army. Will he also display new weapons?

SEOUL - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presided over celebrations marking the establishment of the nation's army in 1948. Observers are watching to see if the North marks the occasion with a military parade, and a display of new weapons. State media showed pictures of Kim at a banquet with medal-bedecked generals at a hotel in Pyongyang.

Hipster Applications Welcomed

Kansas City bands, we want you to enter the 2023 NPR Tiny Desk Contest!

Undiscovered musicians from Missouri, Kansas and across the country can win a chance to perform a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR's headquarters and be featured on KCUR. The contest is now open for entries from Feb. 7 through March 13.

Local Talent Interviewed

Four Inane Questions with drag king Victor Shawn

Courtesy Victor Shawn Victor Shawn pops and locks. He grooves and moves. In this town, the ultra-athletic drag king extraordinaire is known as "Mr. Facial Expression." He's also "the love child of Usher and Beyoncé, the ex-boyfriend of Janelle Monáe, and BFFS with Childish Gambino," as he states on his Facebook profile.

Show-Me Pricey Road Trip

Big highway dollars for Missouri

Rep. Sam Graves represents the largest Congressional district in Missouri. With a high-profile new position chairing the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Graves has a big platform and plans to use his influence to bring a lot of highway funding home to Missouri.

Life Lesson: Use A Calculator

Kansas Board of Regents may drop algebra as a college graduation requirement - The Sentinel

One out of three college students in Kansas fails algebra, the vice president for academic affairs for the Kansas Board of Regents disclosed to the board at a recent meeting, and members are considering a proposal to remove the subject from graduation requirements.

Show-Me Nicer Predator

Have you seen a mountain lion in Missouri? Here's why sightings are up this year

Mountain lions are rare in Missouri, but sightings of the big cat are increasing. Conservationists believe this is a sign of a healthier environment in the region. The big predator was wiped out in Missouri in 1927. However, the Missouri Department of Conservation confirms five to 10 sightings each year of mountain lions wandering into the area from western states.

Golden Ghetto Rescue

Dog saved after falling through ice at Shawnee Mission Lake

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) - In this warmer weather, the authorities are warning about the dangers of going on ice and saying people should just stay off it. Just yesterday, a 21-year-old man drowned after falling through the ice at Shawnee Mission Lake.

History Lives In KC

MLB The Show 23 introduces Negro Leagues storylines

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." A new game experience featuring the legends of baseball's Negro Leagues is coming to MLB The Show 23. "I think it means a lot for our youth of the city, for the city as a whole," museum patron Sharon Alexander said.

Stormy Weather Ahead

IMPACT DAY: Showers expected in the metro this afternoon


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