Rockhurst University Suffers Furloughs

Overall the public is far less trusting that a college education is required to earn a decent living. 

Big picture . . . 

The myth of American social mobility is quickly coming to a close as it has in most of Europe. 

The good news, the enrollment decline is FINALLY leveling off.

However, costly Catholic institutions are still on the losing side of this equation as the pandemic has forced EVERYONE to become more cost cost conscious.

Also, teaching students about the joyful mystery of a life hampered by guilt isn't exactly a great selling point. 

Check-it . . .

“Rockhurst University leadership has worked to lower a budget deficit for this fiscal year that resulted from a variety of factors, including residual effects of the pandemic and lower than anticipated revenues for this year,” a spokeswoman emailed to KMBC in a statement. “While we focus on making improvements throughout our operations, we are simultaneously implementing measures that will allow us to reduce the gap between our revenues and our expenses.”

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Rockhurst University's employees to have 5 mandated furlough

Employees at Rockhurst University will have five mandated furlough days due to budget concerns. Percentage wise, it's a 1.9% reduction in salary, according to the university. The move was made due to budget deficits which the university say was created due to lost revenue dating back to the pandemic.