Rizzo Leads Bunch In Diverse Endorsements Despite Incumbent's Progressive Politics

Here's a fun Kansas City contradiction that deserves a bit of explanation . . .

4th District council contender Henry Rizzo keeps racking up campaign endorsements in diverse communities whilst incumbent Eric Bunch has spent 4 years talking about "equity" & "inclusion" but doesn't seem to have any real life Black or Latino political friends allies.

We noted previously that Freedom, Inc. has endorsed Rizzo over Councilman Bunch. 

Here's a peek at Rizzo's list of backers so far . . .

This week . . .

Rizzo added La Raza Political Club to his cadre of supporters.

I know . . . A lot of TKC readers don't like the name . . . The national chapter changed their moniker to UnidosUS that's a bit more hopeful but not as catchy. 

Just like the NAACP . . . Some names can be problematic over time. Having acknowledged that . . . Let's talk about how LOCAL politics works. 

La Raza has a great many GROUND LEVEL CAMPAIGNERS throughout the midtown corridor that have always proven effective at getting out their ballot. 

The secret sauce . . . La Raza campaigners aren't mercenary election workers but longtime neighborhood residents. And so, in neighborhood elections like this one . . .Their picks are a bit more important and, as we've seen in many local elections . . . Their influence is outsized. 

Again . . . In a low turnout election this endorsement might prove critical and, once again, shows us Midtown antipathy against the incumbent councilman continues to build in one neighborhood after the next. 

Developing . . .