Pompeo Blasts TikTok & China In Kansas Talk

A peek at the presidential candidate's homecoming . . .

Right on the heels of the Chinese spy balloon incident, Pompeo spent a chunk of his time at Wichita State discussing China and the threat its government presents to the American people.

“They’re stealing our stuff.”

Pompeo called out TikTok, a social media app owned by a Chinese company, and the dangers he believes it poses.

“They are spreading the Chinese message about America as the danger in the world,” Pompeo said. “In China and Marxism and Leninism as the central important thing that will lift people out of poverty … I can prove this though. They don’t allow TikTok to be used by children inside of China.”

Despite his claim that children aren’t allowed on the app, children in China are allowed on the app, but children under 14 in the country are capped at 40 minutes a day.

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