Politics Demands Kansas Republicans Back Off Pro-Life Fight Or Confront EPIC FAIL

Recent history shows us this is a losing cause and . . . Even more hilariously . . . Strident Catholic activists & evangelical leaders have lured the Kansas GOP into the election abyss. 

Here's how MSNBC sees it BUT their words are backed up by recent election results . . . 

"In Kansas, where an abortion referendum had been on the ballot in August, the Democrats performed notably well . . . Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ distinctly strong performance in Florida might be partially attributable to his declining to pursue the most restrictive anti-abortion policy approach (he went with a 15-week abortion ban). And some analysts believe part of Trump acolyte Doug Mastriano’s loss in Pennsylvania’s governor’s race might’ve been tied to his extremist position on abortion, especially given that Republicans held the state legislature."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Opinion | One stat shows why the GOP should be very worried about 2024

A major new poll shows a significant long-term surge in support for abortion rights across America, with strong majorities locking into place in key battleground states. As the public anxiouslyawaits a ruling from a federal judge who could ban the abortion pill mifepristone nationwide, it's a reminder that the fight to win back abortion rights could be a powerful tool to mobilize a blue wave in the 2024 presidential election.