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A look at what it's like inside the new KCI terminal

Some Kansas Citians worried the new airport might not be as efficient as the old terminal in terms of getting to the gate. So, KCTV5's Nathan Vickers flew to Dallas and went through the entire process to show you how it went!

With a new airport in Kansas City, KCI hopes to land transatlantic flight

While KCI's new terminal has expanded amenities, Kansas City is one of the largest U.S.

A guide on how to get around at new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the opening of the new single-terminal at the Kansas City International Airport, KSHB 41 News has a compiled a guide of everything you need to know when flying out. Parking At the main parking garage, there are seven floors with thousands of parking spots.

New Kansas City International Airport attracting visitors who were not even flying on Tuesday

Among the thousands that traveled to and through the new Kansas City International Airport on Tuesday were those who were not even flying. Those included Larry and Donna Hall. Larry Hall started working at the old terminal in 1974 for TWA and worked there for nearly 50 years.

What to expect going through security at Kansas City International Airport's new single terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Going through security will look different at the new single terminal at the Kansas City International Airport. It's now a centralized checkpoint with 16 lanes and has the ability to expand to 18 lanes. The Transportation Security Administration said the wait was never more than five minutes on Tuesday.

'Very easy to get through': New Kansas City International Airport features simplified security set-up

The new Kansas City International Airport terminal features a reconfigured security line.Instead of multiple security checkpoints at a handful of gates in multiple terminals, passengers pass through one security area with up to sixteen scanning lines if necessary.For Betty Bowers, the hardest part of getting to her flight to Phoenix

1st impressions: Travelers review experience at new KCI terminal on opening day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport is the first impression many visitors will get of Kansas City. The first batch of passengers already traveled to and from the terminal on opening day Tuesday morning.

KCI welcomes the first flyers into a new airport terminal showing off 'all the best of Kansas City'

Wearing a "KC" t-shirt, Dawn Taylor had the honor of arriving on the first flight into Kansas City's brand-new airport terminal on Tuesday morning. She had boarded bright and early in Chicago. "The gate agents were dancing. There was Kool & The Gang, 'Celebrate Good Times' playing," Taylor said, smiling.

Flying into new KCI single terminal: Transforming way people see Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two flights just hours apart marked the end of one era of Kansas City aviation and the beginning of a new era. I had the opportunity to be among the passengers who took the last flight out from the old terminal buildings at Kansas City International Airport - a 10:30 p.m.

The new KCI airport terminal has been a boon for several minority-owned businesses

Many local companies were able to cash in on the building of the new $1.5 billion KCI terminal.The city made sure that minority businesses were able to get in on this project as well.Long before the first flights took off from the new KCI this morning, the new terminal project was a launching pad."We were intentional about making sure that we were inclusive in this process," Fifth District councilwoman Ryana Parks said.

Travelers weigh in on parking situation at new KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - With the new KCI terminal comes all the new procedures to learn, from parking to picking up and dropping off. Pick-up and drop-off was one aspect that brought the most convenience with the old KCI, so how did it go over on day one at the new one?

How Kansas City's new airport terminal became a sprawling art gallery for 28 diverse creatives

Every major milestone in Kathy Minhsin Liao's life has been marked by travel, she shared, making airports synonymous with transition. "My [art]work at the new terminal is called 'Hello and Goodbye,' and it touches on my personal experience of the fluidity of travel.

Moment of transition: Planes moved from the old KCI as operations begin at the new terminal

Kansas City's new airport terminal is officially open for business. At just over one million square feet and a budget of $1.5 billion, the new terminal is the largest single infrastructure project in the city's history.The final flight from the old terminal, Southwest flight 3369, departed the old Kansas City International Airport at 10:26 p.m.Over the next few hours, workers moved all of the planes from terminals B and C.They also put up new signs, directing visitors to the new single terminal.

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