New KCI Costs ALMOST Explained

It's not quite overbudget  . . . Because nobody was really keeping track.

However . . . Like most things nowadays . . . The promises here huge along with the bill but the final product seems kinda skimpy and a bit of a disappointment.

More deets here . . .

"Nearly six years and $1.5 billion later, the new KCI terminal is set to open at the end of February. But the cost estimate has expanded greatly since the project was approved by Kansas City voters in 2017."

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Why is the new Kansas City airport terminal so expensive? Breaking down KCI's $1.5 billion budget

The opening date for Kansas City's new airport terminal is Feb. 28, and the public will get the chance to see the city's costliest infrastructure project at an open house on Feb. 18. Serious conversation about a new terminal began a little less than a decade ago, and the road to the terminal's opening has been turbulent.