New KCI Airport Anti-Climax: Mayo Pete Starts Party Ahead Of Investigation

Right now we file an obligatory post dedicated to a Kansas City event that cost about $1.5 BILLION but was only attended by people required to show-up in pursuit of career goals. 

To be fair . . . This is quite a miraculous display merely to open a Cinnabon.  

More realistically . . .


Doubtful but something more important to consider than yet another report about how happy this makes the plebs who are on somebody's payroll for an overjoyed comment. 

Behind the scenes . . . 

There is a lot to unpack about the construction of this monstrosity because PR consultants are doing a ton of work to delay the inevitable blowup for as long as possible. 

Notice there really aren't a lot of smiles in this coverage because EVERYBODY KNOWS of upcoming difficulties along with men in bad suits asking a lot of questions about sketchy bids. 

Until then . . . 

We'll merely share more MSM presser hype and locals settling for far less than what was promised without any critical questions, answers or much info beyond press releases:

At a ribbon-cutting event, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was joined by Missouri Governor Mike Parson, former KC Mayor Sly James, U.S. Reps. Emanuel Cleaver and Sharice Davids, and Mayor Quinton Lucas.

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Kansas City begins opening New Airport Terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Years of planning and construction gives way to a new era at Kansas City International Airport. The first flight at the new 1.5 billion terminal at KCI will land at the airport Tuesday morning, but the ceremonial opening happens throughout the day Monday.

New single terminal at Kansas City International Airport dedicated with plaque

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The new single terminal project at Kansas City International Airport was dedicated through the unveiling of a plaque on Monday. The dedication itself is listed as Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, the date that the first passengers will arrive and take off from the new terminal.

Kansas City's new airport terminal is 'showing love to local' with markets full of hometown goods

Local businesses are a significant part of Kansas City's story, Tyler Enders said, and the new terminal at the Kansas City International Airport gives travelers coming into the city the perfect prologue. "Right when people land in Kansas City, they will be introduced to local artwork, local restaurants and local retail brands.

'What Kansas City needs:' Officials cheers delivery of $1.5B new airport terminal - Kansas City Business Journal

More than 300 companies and 6,500 workers contributed to completion of Kansas City International Airport's $1.5 billion terminal on time and on budget after four years of construction, and years more of debate and planning. The new terminal will open Tuesday.

Passengers buy tickets to transition from last flight of old KCI terminal to 1st flight of new

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There are some people who bought tickets just to be on the very last flight out of Terminal B Monday night and the first ever flight into the new single terminal at the Kansas City Airport Tuesday morning.

Developing . . .