Meth Town Sushi Station Workers Subdue Crook Armed With Fake Gun

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He approached two employees working at the restaurant's sushi station and pointed the gun at them. He told them they had five seconds to give him cash from the register and threatened to kill them if they didn't comply.The employees opened the register and he began taking cash from it. An employee later grabbed his gun and began fighting with him, even throwing plates of food at him and hitting him with a chair. He was restrained until police arrived.

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Man sentenced after sushi station employees stop him from robbing Independence buffet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, man was sentenced to over six years in federal prison after he failed at robbing an Independence buffet last year. On Feb. 21, 2022, Bryan C. Byers walked into the Lucky Buffet located at 2931 S.

Man who tried to rob Independence buffet with fake gun is sentenced

A KCMO man who tried to rob an Independence buffet with a fake gun last year, but who was thwarted by employees who fought back, has been sentenced. Employees threw plates of food at him and repeatedly hit him with a chair to keep him from getting away.