Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Claims Kansas City Election Rigged

He's the only challenger to Mayor Q on the ballot and, like it or not, that should merit consideration of his statements. 

And so . . . Whilst the rest of the MSM ignore him . . . We share his latest statement to the press that is NOT picking up traction on social media but deserves to be considered by voters neverthelesss. 

Check-it . . .

Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Press release: KC's biased media and civic institutions are trying to rig the Mayoral election in favor of Mayor Lucas.

Over 1,000 voters signed Chastain's Mayoral petition to put his name on the ballot; no one has challenged Chastain's right to legally be on the ballot and Activist Chastain has committed more volunteer time and money (to improve Kansas City) than any individual in its history. And yet with only 6-weeks to go before the Primary election, these following suspects are hard at work to snub Challenger Chastain, ignore his campaign messages and not hold public Mayoral debates in order to ensure Mayor Lucas is reelected!!

(1). KCTV5: On Feb. 6 they told Chastain they would not cover his anti-crime initiative...Path to Safety...because they weren't (even considering) covering anything political until after the Super Bowl. The very next day, Ch.5 had a news crew covering Lucas' anti-crime roundtable discussion.

(2) Women's League of Voters: Told Chastain, in January, they had scheduled a public Forum between Chastain & Lucas. On February 2nd, their representative called to inform Chastain the Mayoral Forum had been cancelled-but not their Forum for Council candidates!

(3) Northland Chamber: Told Chastain they were conducting debates for Council candidates, but would not host a debate between the only two candidates that seek to lead a large American City.

(4) Greater KC Chamber: Said they would call Chastain back about their plans for the Mayor's race, but never have.

(5) KCPTS & KCUR: After repeated calls to these two public-funded media outlets, no one has returned Chastain's calls. Note: KCPTS held a forum between KC's past 4- Mayors, but has shown no interest in a Mayoral debate between Chastain & Lucas over KC's future.

(6) KC Star: After repeated calls to "the paper for the (woke) people", no one has returned Chastain's calls.

(7) KCBJ, KMBC TV, KSHB 41, the Pitch, Fox TV News....not interested either.

Yep, except for tonyskansascity, the fix is in. The KC Cabal and all its players are afraid of what would happen if Clay Chastain becomes Mayor of Kansas City. So they are keeping his message from the people of Kansas City in order to provide political cover for a non-transparent, visionless Mayor who has not only been a disaster at solving the City's numerous problems, but has also failed to develop any plan to come to the rescue of the 5th rated homicide city in America.


You decide . . .