Mary Sanchez Now Serves As Kansas City Immigrant Rights Advocate

This is the problem with Latinos working for mainstream media and why we chose the far rougher blogging path . . . 

The gringos always want to "make a Mexican" out of their vaguely ethnic colleagues. 

For TKC . . . Our interests run the gamut of pop culture from Brit hottie tabloid models, finance, sports, tech, literature and the lesser known underground dance songs of the 90s. 

Likewise . . . Mary Sanchez is a valley girl suburbanite who is English speaking dominant and knows far more about municipal affairs than the tough road traveled by recent arrivals.

Nevertheless . . . We notice her latest work delving into a sordid topic immigrant "rights" which are mostly a distraction that corporate America will NEVER allow to be solved because . . . 


Take a peek . . . 

Creating a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 10.5 million undocumented people has long been on Democratic wish lists.  

Those vast numbers of less-skilled workers without authority to work, people who don’t qualify for the limited visas for those with bachelor’s degree-level skills, are an increasing focus.  

Economists say those workers are crucial laborers that the U.S. needs as the nation finds itself with more people aging out of the labor market than there are younger workers to replace them.  

A recent edition of “Flatland in Focus” largely focused on hiring bachelor’s degree immigrant workers, people with skills in engineering, technology and medical fields. 

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Help Wanted: A Daily Struggle for Immigrant-owned Local Firm

One minute. Courting criticism from both the left and the right, President Joe Biden spent little time addressing the conundrum that is immigration in his State of the Union speech. And yet, he underscored an economic reality that is increasingly drawing the attention of businesses, economists and pretty much anyone with help wanted signs out for unfilled U.S.