Making Room For Kansas City Big Dogs

Another local quiet crisis deserves attention for this weekend . . .

Local oversized pooches need a place to stay . . . We feel for these furry friends inasmuch as advocating for big, smelly animals who hang around the house at lot and are afraid of the vacuum cleaner serves our own interest.

Here's the story . . .

Great Plains SPCA, KCK Animal Services, Melissa’s Second Chances,and Humane Society of Greater Kansas Cityreport that they are having to convert staff offices, training rooms, medical exam rooms, and conference rooms to spaces to hold large dogs because their kennels are overflowing.

Melissa’s Second Chances says they currently have 31 large dogs in their care, and only 16 kennels to house them. Overall, the shelters reported that they have 170 dogs larger than 30 pounds and have received 430 requests from the public in the last two-week period to surrender large dogs.

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KC animal shelters need help finding homes for overflowing number of large dogs

Sugar Cookie is a dog who loves KC football and taking photos. // Courtesy KCPP Shelters in Kansas City and surrounding areas have run out of room to keep large dogs. Four shelters came together to ask the community for help.