LGBT Outreach Stays Winning In The Dotte

A glimpse at local law enforcement outreach that hopes to extend beyond partisan lines . . . Check-it:

Unlike the bordering city of Shawnee—where some elected officials and constituents have recently pushed back at local police efforts to recruit in the LGBTQ community, urging the city to stay out of the “culture wars”—the KCK community is not viewing its efforts as stepping into controversial territory but rather as another way to foster positive relationships with all residents. “We have other committees and service agencies, such as our Victim Services Unit, too,” says Nancy Chartrand, public information officer with KCKPD, emphasizing that the LGBTQ committee is simply another route for KCKPD to encourage community conversations.

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KCK's police department makes an effort to reach out to the LGBTQIA+ community

There was no crisis within the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department that led to officer Carlos Ulloa becoming a designated LGBTQIA+ community liaison-it was just time.