Kris Kobach Threatens Walgreens Over Abortion Pill Mail Delivery

An important legal from the new AG demands that pharmacies follow the letter of the law.

Here's a bit more context in what will be a controversial flex against this corporate chain . . .

“Kansas will not hesitate to enforce the law,” the attorney general wrote.

Federal law prohibits knowingly mailing anything designed to produce an abortion. Kansas law requires that abortifacients like mifepristone, be administered by and in the presence of the prescribing doctor.

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AG Kris Kobach to Walgreens: Follow the law on mail-order abortion medication

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) - Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach on Monday sent a letter to Walgreens' leadership regarding Kansas' law on mail-order abortion pills. In the letter to Danielle Gray, Walgreens Executive Vice President, Kobach wrote that the company's recently announced plan is illegal under federal and state law.