KCK Public Schools Threatened By Violence Drugs & Guns Seyz Former Worker

An ongoing story reports confirmed deets by a former worker and the response from the administration isn't just lackluster but mostly seems to downplay the incidents . . . Here's a peek . . .

In response to our questions, KCKPS administrators sent an email to parents stating, “a story will likely be aired by KMBC-TV 9”.

Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield has acknowledged all four additional gun incidents happened.

But she said parents weren’t notified because they did not take place in the school, but around the school.

Dr. Stubblefield spoke to KMBC 9 Investigates a month after our initial request.

"Is that something that we can learn from or re-evaluate? Absolutely,” she said.

Additionally, Marialexa Sonoja in her resignation letter writes fentanyl, oxycodone, and a box of bullets were all brought into Wyandotte High.

She also cites a police report about a student taken to the hospital by ambulance for a bad reaction to edibles as well as assaults on teachers and a police officer, she says about 140 police reports in three-and-a-half months.

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Former KCK Public Schools police officer claims school system is mired in issues

A former Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools police officer claims that school system is mired in issues, citing gun, drugs, violence, and sex issues at the schools.Marialexa Sonoja spoke to KMBC 9 Investigates the day she resigned from her job as a police officer at Wyandotte High School December 13.Despite