KCK Mayor Garner Diminished In The Dotte

Local guv outcry ALMOST EXPLAINED . . .

Of course our newsie friends bury the lead item . . . And don't focus on the politico's worsening relations with the commish . . . Still, the story is worthwhile, check-it . . .

This rule change narrows the mayor’s power in Board of Commissioners meetings.

Garner will still oversee the meetings, he can vote to break a tie, and he can place items on the agenda. But if an item is recommended for action by a standing committee, he can only send it back to committee for reconsideration once. After that, the item must come to discussion in the full commission, which can then decide whether to take action or hold a vote.

“You’ve changed the mayor to being relegated to pretty much a ceremonial figure that comes in, runs a commission meeting and only votes if necessary,” Garner said. “This really diminishes the standing and relevance of even having a mayor in our government because now, the mayor is not pushing forth a platform or a visionary agenda.”

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KCK kicks off 2023 with a raucous hearing, a rule change and a public feud

The change, which was approved 9 to 1, requires that all items passed by the commission’s standing committees be placed on the agenda for full commission meetings. Commissioner Tom Burroughs was the lone vote against.