KC Turnaround: White House Demands, MAGA To East Palestine & Ash Wednesday

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Constant KC Eat Out Cont'd

What's new in Kansas City food and drink for March 2023

What's new in Kansas City Food & Drink for March 2023.

Push Back Against Epic Dump

South Kansas City landfill opposition gains momentum with Jefferson City lawmakers

A Missouri house committee on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill that could prevent a landfill in South Kansas City.The bill would extend the buffer zone from a one-half mile to one mile between a new landfill and an area with more than 400,000 residents.The Missouri house committee on Local Government passed the bill after members said they received hundreds of complaints over the past week from city and school leaders, business owners, and residents against the proposed landfill.

Gearing Up For Grand Opening

Airport vendors working to hire more ahead of new KCI terminal opening

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We're just days away from the opening of the new $1.5 billion terminal at Kansas City International Airport. While excitement builds, so too does the pressure to staff up added concessions. When it comes to where travelers can get a bite to eat and drink, airport vendors said they're still looking to hire more people.

Hyping Political NextGen

What's a Democrat to do? Mark Sharp's lonely road chairing a committee in GOP-led legislature

Kansas City Rep. Mark Sharp recently was named the sole Democrat to lead a committee in the heavily Republican Missouri House of Representatives. Sharp chairs the Special Committee on Urban Issues after serving on the committee during the last three legislative sessions.

Local Journey To Suburbs Amid Rumors Of War

One family's journey from Ukraine to Olathe, Kansas: 'Any minute could be your last. It was scary'

The Yeremenko family had no clue who the Kansas City Chiefs were seven months ago. They were focused on evading Russian bombs. With the help an Olathe family, they went from escaping death in their homeland to celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl title in Arizona.

Hottie Calls Out Former Love

Sommer Ray hits out at 'ugly' ex in cryptic TikTok clip - Dexerto

Internet star and model Sommer Ray threw some shade toward her ex-man in a cryptic TikTok post that's leaving fans scratching their heads. Sommer Ray's dating life has been a hot topic of interest for her fans. The fitness influencer / DJ / model is pretty popular online, boasting over 26 million followers on Instagram and 12 million over on TikTok.

White House Demands Vlad Accountability

Biden challenges Putin to 'end the war' in Ukraine, threatens to ramp up sanctions against Russia

President Biden on Tuesday challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to "end the war" against Ukraine, and warned that the U.S. and its allies around the world will continue to support Ukraine and push for new sanctions on the Kremlin.

Capitol Riot Questions Persist

Democrats sound the alarm after McCarthy grants Carlson access to Jan. 6 footage

Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-Calif.) recent decision to release thousands of hours of Jan. 6, 2021, security footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson is setting off alarm bells among Democrats, who see inherent security risks in sharing the raw video with a figure who has downplayed the Capitol attack - and a network entangled in a...

MAGA On The Road

Trump to visit East Palestine, donate water, supplies amid Biden's 'failed' response: adviser

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump will travel to East Palestine, Ohio Wednesday and is set to donate thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies and more than a dozen pallets of water to the community as it grapples with the aftermath of the train derailment that led to a large release of toxic chemicals, Fox News Digital has learned.

Nation Suffers Weather Worry

Massive coast-to-coast winter storm to pummel millions with blizzard conditions, significant icing

A major and disruptive winter storm could go down in the history books for parts of the U.S. as it impacts millions of people with heavy snow, blizzard conditions and significant icing. This coast-to-coast winter storm could be among the top snowstorms to ever strike Minneapolis, with the Twin Cities potentially seeing up to 2 feet of snow by the time the massive storm system exits the region.

Legal Tech Trouble

Supreme Court Doesn't Want to Create 'World of Lawsuits' for Tech Firms

(Bloomberg) -- A day after the US Supreme Court grappled with a high-stakes clash that could roll back liability protections for internet companies, the justices will hear a related case that may provide a way to sidestep the thorny issue.Most Read from BloombergHow Much Do Investors Say They Need to Retire?

Faith Community Life Lessons

What is Ash Wednesday? Here's what to know as Catholics and Christians begin Lent

Across the world Wednesday, you may find people with ash marks on their foreheads and talking about what they will be giving up for the next 46 days. It may appear odd, but it is a mark people that practice Catholicism, as well as Christianity, receive at mass on Ash Wednesday, one of the "most popular and important holy days" in the religion.

South Side Caffeinated Restart

Martin City gets its coffee fix back

Phillip Stegner, former barista for Martin City Coffee, has opened his own coffee shop, P.S. Coffee and Drive-Thru i n Martin City. The soft opening began on February 11. "We are still trying to finalize everything," said Stegner. "I'm just happy to be serving coffee again."

Soggy Start To Holy Season

FORECAST: Showers & 60s Wednesday, with a dip in temps coming

Low pressure is interacting with Kansas City Wednesday morning and throughout the afternoon. Ahead of this low pressure is a warm front that expands all the way to the mid-Atlantic states. To the west is a cold front, and to our south is a dry line.

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