Kansas School Choice Is Racist?!?

Not really . . . 

But that's the argument from this blog that's mostly funded by the DNC.

Also . . . Opposing LGBT studies for youngsters is also racist according to this AWARD WINNING PROGRESSIVE NEWS OUTLET. 

But they don't really explain how.

For now . . . Here's their premise which claims that Kansas is just as racist now as it was in 1954:

Here in Kansas, lawmakers have introduced a bill allowing parents to opt their students out of activities or course materials parents deem objectionable.

Similarly, what if we placed the term “school choice” under a historical lens?

We’re strangely proud of the Brown decision here in Kansas. Strange because our inclusion in Brown meant that we aimed racism at children here. But today’s “school choice” efforts here in Kansas and elsewhere – to steer public money into private schools – had their origins in Brown-era resistance to desegregation.

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