Kansas Republicans Pick MAGA Honcho Following Midterm FAIL

Thing of it is . . .

As we noted earlier this week . . . People are entitled to pick their leaders even if we disagree. 

In general this might not make a big difference in the minds of progressives who decry any opposition. 

As we noted this morning, the big risk in going the hardliner MAGA route is driving away big business and moderates. 

However . . . 

Generally, Kansas is a conservative state and this move might simply acknowledge that trying to win over population centers like Johnson County is a lost cause.

Here's the word . . .

"The GOP chose Mike Brown, a fiery conservative from Johnson County, as the new head of the state party."

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Big losses in November fuel a Kansas Republican Party changeover in February

TOPEKA, Kansas - Spurred on by frustrations over losing high-profile races to Democrats, Kansas Republicans on Saturday picked an aggressive conservative to lead the party into the 2024 election cycle. Party officials elected Mike Brown, a former Johnson County commissioner, to party chair during the Republican state convention.

Kansas Republicans pick election conspiracy promoter Mike Brown as their new leader

Republicans in Kansas narrowly picked an activist who has promoted unfounded election conspiracies and promised a shakeup to lead the state Republican Party for the next two years, following weeks of infighting that mirrors the acrimony in the party across the U.S.

Kansas Republicans select 2020 election conspiracy theorist to serve as party chairman - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Former Johnson County commissioner and 2020 election conspiracy theorist Mike Brown narrowly defeated Saturday a former Republican national committeewoman to earn a two-year term as the state GOP's chairman.