Kansas Republican Smackdown For Honcho

There is a very read divide amongst the Sunflower State GOP. 

The hardliners believe that a more aggressive tact in line with MAGA social media talking points will win elections.

Meanwhile . . . Establishment Republicans warn against alienating the donor base, chasing big biz to the Democratic Party and ultimately going down the road that will confine the party to rural obscurity in less than 5 years. 

A few wise souls see the need for a balanced approach hinging on a few fundamental principles for a generally/genuinely conservative state.

Make no mistake . . . 

The Kansas GOP is worried after losing two big elections during the midterms.

This report has a bit of a left-leaning bias BUT offers some worthwhile insights that might help conservatives steer themselves in the right direction . . .

The Kansas Republican Party's state committee was set Saturday to pick the officers who will oversee party operations through the 2024 elections. The contest for chair is between Helen Van Etten, a former Republican National Committee member, and Mike Brown, who promoted election conspiracy theories during an unsuccessful run for Kansas secretary of state last year.

Some Republicans frame the contest as pitting the party establishment against an anti-establishment wing. The key issue may be who's perceived as the loudest and most aggressive fighter.

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Infighting intensifes with Kansas GOP set to pick new leader

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Republicans are fighting over who will lead the Kansas GOP for the next two years, and frustrations over two key election losses last year in the GOP-leaning state have ramped up the acrimony already roiling the party nationally.