Kansas GOP Champion Doomed School Choice

Perspective . . .

The Sunflower State GOP has been trying to push this since TKC has been in high school and it's usually far too complicated to work . . . Instead, it provides a nice distraction so that loyal voters don't think too much about the latest recession or continually declining American standard of living.

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When Kansas' Republican-controlled Legislature opened its annual session earlier this month, GOP leaders planned to tackle what Senate President Ty Masterson called “the sexualized woke agenda” in how public schools discuss sexuality and gender identity.

Masterson, a Wichita-area Republican, said he wanted to pursue a measure that would spell out what schools could teach or discuss on those topics by grade level, much like the Florida law enacted last year.

But last week when he was asked about such a measure, Masterson appeared to shift direction: “We're talking about school choice.” He told The Associated Press on Monday: “Probably the only way to ultimately handle it, right, is to have choices for parents.”

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'School choice' is culture-war focus for Kansas lawmakers

TOPEKA, Kansas - Top Republican legislators in Kansas are focusing on helping conservative parents remove their children from public schools over what's taught about gender and sexuality rather than pursuing a version of what critics call Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law.